Subaru outback catalytic converter price

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Other catalytic converter scrap price list on high ends are: It's a Lamborghini Aventador that costs $3,200 per one (2 required) The Dodge Ram 2500 costs $3,500. This is the Ford F250. It costs $2,800. There is a Ford Mustang for sale that costs $1,500. How Do You Check A Catalytic Converter Price?.

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Catalytic converter A larger and finer mesh of catalyst-lined passageways within a Subaru PZEV catalytic converter greatly contributes to its ability to reduce emissions. Along the entire length of the mesh are precious metals (catalysts) whose role is to change the molecular structure of the offensive emissions that try to pass through.

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Labor Cost to Replace a Catalytic Converter. Labor costs to replace a catalytic converter can range anywhere between $70 and $130 an hour. The amount of time needed to replace the catalytic converter must be factored in as well, which varies for every car. It varies depending on the placement, accessibility, and what your mechanic needs to do.

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